Generosity and Stewardship is the lens that clarifies vision

Create a generosity culture

About LearnGenerosity Strategies

Church work is tough, building a culture of generosity is not easy, however it is worth the discipleship effort. We start with an analytical framework of your choice to help you build a full spectrum of ministry based on fact not just intuition. Our services then design a custom ministry roadmap to your unique Church needs and walk with you as a guide throughout the process. 

Specifically LearnGenerosity offers an analytical review of your ministry, generosity coaching, turn key and customizable stewardship curriculum,  stewardship team building, project giving campaign assistance and asset based / planned giving ministry. 

Recap, for those of you who just read bullet points. 

We offer: 

1. Church financial analytics for customizable generosity strategies

2. Month to month generosity coaching which includes preaching and teaching assistance. 

3. Small group generosity and financial stewardship materials (

4. Stewardship Team Building (Pastor, don't you need some volunteer help in this ministry?)

5. Project Giving Campaigns for Capital Project needs

6. Planned Giving and Asset Giving Strategies 

7. Prayer strategies for God's blessing on the ministry outcomes

Our Calling

LearnGenerosity is called to increase love for God and people through the use of money, possessions and talents.

The way we achieve this is through developing a Biblical Worldview on money so people live more generous. We want to see churches  become and remain debt free as they inspire people to be Kingdom investors that make a diffrence in this generation.

Professional Bio

Before founding and co-founding Financial Freedom International, Gunnar Johnson was a local church Pastor and business owner. He had the privilege of serving as an Executive Stewardship Pastor at Gateway Church in Southlake Texas for 12 years. Prior to Gateway Church, Gunnar served for 2 years as a Stewardship Minister at the The Hills Church in North Richland Hills, Texas. Before 13 years of vocational ministry he owned a Drywall business in Florida, and a Chem-Dry carpet cleaning company Texas while serving on staff with Howard Dayton and Larry Burkett at Crown Financial Ministry.

Gunnar has a passion for growing cultures of generosity, training on designed asset giving and setting people free financially. He loves helping grow through the power of God's Word.