Too often, when someone hears the word "stewardship" at church, they immediately grab their wallets and think, "Here it comes. The church is after my money again!" That's a tragic misunderstanding of the biblical principles of stewardship. A steward is just a manager of God's resources! In Generous Life Journey, Gunnar Johnson draws on years of research and hands-on ministry to unpack true, biblical stewardship. What you learn just might change your life!

Dave Ramsey
Best-selling author

If you're thinking this is just another book about tithing, let me assure you—what God has given Gunnar Johnson to share with those who desire more in their lives and in their churches is greater than anything you've probably been given before. With practical applications, valuable tips, godly wisdom and insight, Gunnar has written a book that encompasses all aspects of your life and helps you discover what you're supposed to be doing and all God has for you. Gunnar says life with God is an adventure and his encouragement to us is: "Let the adventure begin!"

John C. Maxwell
Best-selling author

I've had the privilege of walking with Gunnar Johnson on his personal generosity path over the last ten years. His success story is very simple: he listened to God and obeyed. You will be encouraged in your own journey by learning more of his!

Sharon Epps
Women Doing Well

It has been my privilege to consult with and coach leaders from some of the most effective churches in America, and there is no doubt that Gunnar Johnson is truly one of the good guys. His work at Gateway Church has been a model for so many of us who are working to inspire generosity, stewardship and giving. I am confident that wisdom in his new book will help countless Christ-followers find the financial freedom the Lord wants for each of us.

Chris Willard

I have had the privilege of watching Gunnar Johnson develop into one of America's leading Stewardship Pastors. He speaks with experience and authority. He is a person who walks his talk personally, but more than that, he is able to communicate what he knows in a compelling and transferable way. I recommend this book heartily.

Ron Blue
Kingdom Advisors

Gunnar Johnson's own journey to a generous life qualifies him as a very capable guide! Read the book and put God's principles into action.

Chuck Bentley
CEO, Crown Financial

Gunnar Johnson teaches us that financial problems are really spiritual problems. The secret of financial freedom is really a "heart issue." This book is biblical, yet practical. It's hard hitting, yet easy to read as he takes us on his own personal journey from bondage to mammon toward financial freedom