The way we interact with money and possessions have a significant impact on our life. Jesus taught many lessons using money as a medium for deeper truth. My calling is to teach the Bible is through the lens of money, possessions and generosity. Below are a few available messages to challenge and inspire listeners to another level in their walk with Jesus. If you have a specific series I can tailor a financial message to serve your organization.

Some Example Sermons

Generous Life Journey

This is my life story of success to faith and financial challenges then through a wilderness training season and into my life calling. This story filled sermon is a message encouraging the surrender to follow Jesus at all cost. Financial stewardship and generosity principles are sprinkled throughout.

From fear to faith in 7 days

Nothing reveals the condition of our faith more than a financial crisis of either scarcity or abundance. Scripture is full of examples of people who learned to to move from fear to faith. Using Jesus’s parables you too can learn to reprogram your mind from fear to faith in 7 days.

Soul of a Steward

Why do we make the financial decisions we make? Our soul gets programed by hurts, traumas and habits that cause us to make poor financial decisions. Let me teach and inspire you to identify and replace bad beliefs with good beliefs so that you soul prospers.

Seeking God First

Whatever is important to us we place first in our life. The Bible has much to say about the principle of the first and the blessings that follow. In this life changing sermon I will inspire people to order their life in a manner that honors God first.

I dare you to tithe

In a non condemning, fun and educational way this is my best attempt at getting families into a position of financial blessing by returning the tithe back to him. As we examine the top 10 reasons to tithe . I was a non-tither for many years yet it is where God met me to increase my faith in Him and prepare me for my life calling.

Life Stewardship

We only have one life to live so how do we spend this life in service to Jesus maximizing our eternal impact while experiencing satisfaction and contentment in this life. Welcome to Life Stewardship. In this fast moving sermon we explore identity, gifting, timing, preparation and life seasons.

Sermon on the Amount

Preaching Matthew 6 expositionally is a great way to capture Jesus’s view on money and possessions. One of my favorite ways to grow in knowledge and application is by simply examining scripture verse by verse. This sermon will give the listener a deeper understanding of Jesus on money.

Law of Eternal Rewards

We can be really good with our money, keep our budget balanced, pay off our debt and save a bunch. We can be living in the fullness of our calling. But, if we’ve never really understood the law of rewards in Scripture, we’ve missed out on opportunities to invest in eternity. Everything we do in life leads up to one moment in our future. Everything we believe, everything we do, every decision we make— including financial—leads up to our final review.

Example Message

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